Impostor Syndrome & Mental Health: Hiding or Beginning?

So, you’re in the PhD, you’ve worked so hard to get here, you’ve worked for years and years to get here, you were overjoyed to finally see a dream come true, and for some worries to resolve themselves (yay, funding!) – but, it is not having a positive effect on your mental health. It’s not […]

Christmas: Your Best is Enough

The festive period takes it’s toll, there’s no doubt about it – and when you’re dealing with poor mental health that can be up and down on the best of days, this time of year can seem especially hard. The need for perfection, often exacerbated by the seemingly endless stream of ‘perfect’ lives and holidays […]

“What he hears is normal, it’s his fear”

Originally posted on Freedom of Mind:
‘Hearing voices’ can occur in asylum seekers. The voices may arise from traumas they suffered in the country they fled. They may also arise from fears caused by the asylum system in the country they seek refuge in. What the voices say can make sense, given what the person…