Mental Health Bot

The Everyday Mental Health Bot (@EveryDMHBot) is a Twitter bot designed, built and maintained by me. It was actually designed as part of my learning Git and R, so I decided to focus it in on mental health. The Bot is designed to automatically tweet honest insights, resources and practical tips on living with poor mental health – whatever that may be.

@EveryDMHBot focuses on honesty, and (hopefully) won’t sugarcoat the daily struggle (and wins!) of living daily with poor mental health. This isn’t to make light of, provide emergency advice, or make an individual’s mental struggle go away. Obviously, that is far beyond a bots’ remit. However, hopefully, it will periodically remind people in some small way that others out there empathise, others have been, and are still going through what they’re going through (whatever that may be), they see this and understand. This bot will attempt to do this in a small way.

The Bot, and this space is intended to be a non-judgemental platform for everyone’s voice (that chooses to take part), but encouraging without being patronising, and without offering affirmations or platitudes. There will be no suggestions about taking a bath or having a cup of tea (although if that works for you, go for it!). It recognises the often horrible and draining experience of different conditions, and will hopefully build a space that anyone can engage in.

You can follow @EveryDMHBot on Twitter. If you have any questions, or if you want to suggest something for the Bot to tweet, you can get in touch via the Contact page HERE or leave your suggestion directly HERE.

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