Conferences & Presentations


Guest Speaker, Glasgow Caledonian University. 2019. Time & Space, Member Experience.

Guest Lecture, University of Glasgow. 2019. Expert by Experience: Hearing Voices.


Bailey, N., McCowan, C., & Jamieson, M. K. (Accepted) 2018. The Effects of FEP on Employment across the Lifespan. ENRGHI 18, Bristol, UK.

Bailey, N., McCowan, C., & Jamieson, M. K. (Accepted) 2018. The Impact of Deprivation on the Health and Employment Prospects in Individuals with Psychosis. IEPA 11, Boston, USA.

Pickering, L., & Jamieson, M.K. (Accepted) 2018. ‘Mad Sanctions’: Lived Experiences of Benefit Sanctions, Psychosis, & Self-Care in Austerity Scotland. POWES 18, Windsor, UK.

Pickering, L., & Jamieson, M. K, 2017. Benefit sanctions and mental health: Understanding self-care & citizenship in austerity Scotland. BSA Medical Sociology, York.

Minnis, H., Broome, H., & Jamieson, M. K, 2015. A Systematic Review of Psychological Interventions for Parents & Primary Caregivers’ of Maltreated Children: Findings so far. PsyPAG, Glasgow.

Ramsay, J., & Jamieson, M. K, 2014. Exploring the Lived Experience of Mental Health Volunteering. Scottish Undergraduate Conference, British Psychological Society, Edinburgh.

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