“What he hears is normal, it’s his fear”

Originally posted on Freedom of Mind:
‘Hearing voices’ can occur in asylum seekers. The voices may arise from traumas they suffered in the country they fled. They may also arise from fears caused by the asylum system in the country they seek refuge in. What the voices say can make sense, given what the person…

J is for… Justice – The Psychologist

My most recent article for the British Psychological Society’s October 2017 edition.   ‘Now more than ever the field of psychology has a big part to play in supporting and helping people towards justice. I also think it applies to the part the field had to play in earlier days of mental health treatment and, […]

6 Questions with Michelle Jamieson

Originally posted on The Postgraduate Gender Research Network of Scotland:
Michelle is a cross-disciplinary ESRC-funded PhD candidate in the department of Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow. Her research, centred around the impact of health on (un)employment during austerity and vice versa, aims to look at this in the context of womanhood, poverty and…

Sexual Assault by a Participant: A Postgraduate Researcher’s Experience

  This summer, while interviewing individuals for my Masters dissertation, I was sexually assaulted. It was a sunny, and warm early afternoon in Glasgow – a relative rarity, even in the summer – and I had just finished up some work on campus to meet with someone interested in taking part in an interview for […]

CfP: The Crip, the Fat and the Ugly in an Age of Austerity: Resistance, Reclamation, and Affirmation

Originally posted on Jen Slater:
We have extended the deadline to submit to our special issue of the Review of Disability Studies, The Crip, the Fat and the Ugly in an Age of Austerity: Resistance, Reclamation, and Affirmation. The new deadline is 17th July 2017. The Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal (RDS) seeks proposals…