The Annual Progress Review – stress, panic, tears & anger

Read my guest post on the Annual Review Process over on PhdWomenScot.

PhD Women Scotland

Michelle K Jamieson

So, it’s that time of year again – unfortunately not holiday time for a lot of us – no. It’s that time of year when the PhD annual progress reviews start to kick into gear.

I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s safe to say that personally, my experience of my 1st year Annual Progress Review was a terrifying one. Trial by fire I think only scratches the surface. I had only a rough idea of what it would involve outside the work I had to produce for it (in my dept. it was a 20 min presentation to the department, 10 mins of questions, a roughly 10,000-word report on progress, and a meeting with an external and my supervisors). This I had been told, was far more rigorous a process than some of my peers had been through. One friend described hers as a “10-minute chat…

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Reading Round-Up: May

So, not much reading for pleasure has been done this past month, as it's been the month of my (very hectic and stressful - oh God, the stress!) Annual Review at University. Now that has passed, for now, I've been indulging in a personal favourite of mine - true crime! 'Lost Girls: An Unsolved American [...]

Guest Post: ‘Poisened By Those You Love’

I am pleased to present this guest post by the Mental Health Advocate Charlotte Underwood (@CUnderwoodUK). __________ When we talk about something that is toxic, we talk about a poison. We can say that the air is toxic when polluted and that alcohol is in fact toxic etc. but have you considered that people can [...]

HellBlade: A Lived Experience Review

Last month saw the release of Ninja Theory’s Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, to the Xbox One, finally, after an initial release on PS4 and PC. Marketed as an attempt to simulate some of the experiences associated with psychosis, the game focuses on Senua, a Pictish warrior traumatised by previous life experiences and an attack on her [...]

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