The festive period takes it’s toll, there’s no doubt about it – and when you’re dealing with poor mental health that can be up and down on the best of days, this time of year can seem especially hard.

The need for perfection, often exacerbated by the seemingly endless stream of ‘perfect’ lives and holidays on social media can lead to exhaustion and feeling as if you’ve let ‘them’ down – whoever ‘they’ may be. As a consequence often our own needs are put on the back burner. Although this can continue for a short while, in the long-term this it simply isn’t sustainable. When this is amplified by the festive season, the traditions, get-togethers’, gift-giving, noise, and crowds, it can feel as if you’re holding on by a very thin thread.

However, if this festive season is about ‘them’ – our friends, children, parents, significant others, or whoever is important to you and your life – then this period can also be about ‘us’ – and what they are to us, and what we are to them – loved ones. And when all of our striving to be the bouncy, joyous, cheery, giver of time, energy, and gifts (as social media often dictates), puts our thriving – or quite frankly surviving – into jeopardy, then we’re going to have to be honest to ourselves about the tweaks we need to make and take to get through this time. In doing so, we may well let someone else off the hook who is also finding it all a bit of a struggle.

As Blurt say “You see, when we open the door of vulnerability, it usually remains open for someone else to walk through.”

During this time, you do matter, and your best is good enough.

That being said, have a (as much as you can) relaxing and safe festive period.


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